Emergency Service 800-457-1818 info@ir-g.com


IR-G Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 255-1818
Fax: (615) 242-9578
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IR-G Cookeville, TN
Phone: (931) 528-1818
Fax: (931) 526-7880
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IR-G Clarksville, TN
Phone: (931) 552-1622
Fax: (931) 552-1659
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IR-G Decatur, AL
Phone: (256) 584-8000
Fax: (256) 584-8052
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We’re committed to providing our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. At IR-G, we believe in taking care of our employees first, our suppliers second, and our customers third. We understand that when our employees and suppliers are treated well, our customers will be treated exceptionally well.

IR-G is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in regard to race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Complete the entire application.  You may attach a resume, but you must still complete all questions, or your application will be deemed incomplete and may not be considered.